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Application for 2019 Spring Changing Department

1. Application Period: Nov. 26 ~ Nov. 30, 2018.
2. Notes:
(1) For post-graduate degree students who intend to apply for a department transfer, an application form must be completed and submitted along with non-current academic transcripts and any documents that may support the application.
(2) For post-graduate degree students, department transfer applicants must finish a full semester (excluding the time of withdraw from studies); application form will be returned to the unqualified applicant via his/her current department office depending on the result of the initial assessment made by the Office of Academic Affairs.
(3) Types of student status are: on-job students, overseas Chinese students and overseas students. Please complete all required fields accurately for assessment purposes.
(4) Specific rules and requirements may apply to some courses for course transfer purpose. All rules and requirements will be followed accordingly.


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