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   About us

   The Department of Physics was established in 1986 starting with an undergraduate program. Located
   within the ocean-front campus of Hsi-Tzu Bay near downtown Kaohsiung, the hillside Physics Buildin
   was dedicated in 1992. Since the inception of the master's and doctoral programs in 1991 and  1996,
   the number of full-time faculty has increased to 20 while student enrollment neared 350, including 231
   undergraduate, 65 master's and 43 doctorate. Nearly all undergraduates continue for advanced 
   study upon graduation, and all master's or academia.

    The department actively seek and cultivate promising young scientists while at the same time fervenly
    recruits  experienced  scholars  to  lead  visionary  research.  Funded mainly by the government,  the 
    department  advocates  excellence  both  in  teaching  and  in research, focusing on magnetism and
    superconductivity, low-temperature physics, semiconductor physics, optoelectronics, computational
    physics and energy - related sciences and technologies. Its research laboratories are affiliated with
    the university's core - facilities and research centers,  all equipped with modern advanced scientific 
    instruments.  Powered by an annual research funding of circa 2 million US dollars,  the department 
    publishes more than 80 academic papers each year in prestigious international jourmals. Meanshile,
teaching also receives equal attention in the department's growth to its current level of maturity, with
    agile curricula that adapt to the needs of changing time and constantly - refined pedagogical  tools 
    and methodologies that meet the evolving student demands.